Charlotte Small & Children Crossing Mummery Glacier

“Charlotte Small & Children Crossing Near Mummery Glacier, June 1807”

Oil, 16" x 24" , original SOLD

This painting is also available as a giclee fine art reproduction on canvas. Unframed sizes:

This painting is of “Charlotte Small & Children Crossing Near Mummery Glacier, June 1807” on their way west from Howse Pass.

Gratefully, when we explored this area there was a bridge. We've crossed glacial streams on foot before - not recommended!

Leanne Playter writes of Charlotte Small’s crossing the mountains with David and her children: “In 1807, when Thompson opened a trade route over Howse Pass, Charlotte was at his side. Though she had lived in the foothills at Rocky Mountain House, this would be her first experience in exploring the Rockies. The majesty of the mountains was overwhelming as they continued to increase in both height and beauty during the party’s approach. However the challenge of ascending and descending the crossing proved treacherous and nearly fatal.”

“Very little about Thompson’s family is included in his journals, but his entries on this expedition are a rare glimpse into the life of Charlotte Small. He wrote that as they made their way down the west side of the pass to cross the Blaeberry “The water descending in innumerable Rills, soon swelled our Brook to a Rivulet, with a Current foaming white, the Horses with Difficulty crossed & recrossed at every 2 or 300 yards, & the Men crossed by clinging to the Tails & Manes of the Horses, & yet ran no small danger of being swept away & drowned.” As harrowing and frightening as it was for even the strongest of men, what is not written is that Charlotte made the same crossing with three small children in tow. How difficult it must have been to face the pass a second time, but face it she did. And on the return trip, tragedy nearly struck again.”

Sharon Cross 2014