David Thompson's Prayer at Howse Pass

“David Thompson’s Prayer at Howse Pass”,Oil, 24” x 30”, original SOLD

This painting is also available as a giclee fine art reproduction on canvas. Unframed sizes: 18” x 22 1/2” for $550; OR 24” x 30” for $850

“David Thompson’s Prayer at Howse Pass”

This painting is Joseph's depiction of David Thompson and Bercier from June 22, 1807 when they went ahead of the larger group, to see if they could get through Howse Pass.

D'Arcy Jenish writes in his book 'Epic Wanderer': "Springs rose from the earth and mingled with melting snow. These waters trickled down a slight incline to form a creek just two yards wide - a wondrous site for Thompson. He had spent twenty-two years in the country and travelled thousands of miles on rivers and lakes that flowed east or north toward Hudson Bay. This creek flowed west toward the Pacific. He was standing on the continental divide, and paused to pray to the Lord: "May God in his Mercy give us to see where it's waters flow into the Ocean, & return in safety."

The view is looking toward the B.C. side. When we hiked up into this area, we were uncertain as to where the creek might have been as everything was bone dry, yet with lots of indication of creek sites. We thought many times during that back packing trip of what it would be like back then to wear moccasins and carry heavy packs through old, wet snow.

Sharon Cross 2014