Loder Peak Like Waves of the Ocean

This twin painting to “Loder Peak Eastward is Vast and Unbounded” is done in oil and measures 18” x 48”. David writes in his journal of this vista: "Never before did I behold so just, so perfect a resemblance to the Waves of the Ocean in a wintry Storm."

David writes of his trip to Loder Peak: “. . . At end of the last Course Mr. McGillivray, Dumond and myselfbegan to ascend the Mountain – we found it very steep with much loose small stones very sharp, but as wegot higher & higher the loose Stones became less frequent; when the Rock was solid, it was extremely roughand full of small sharp Points like an enormous Rasp – this enabled us to mount Places very steep, as thefooting was good & sure, but it cut our Shoes, Socks &c all to pieces in a Trice. The Rock of the Mountainall the way to the Top is one and the same, of a dark Grey, with few or no Veins, very hard & Glassy, andupon rubbing Two Pieces of it together for a Moment produces when held near the Nose a strongdisagreeable Smell, somewhat Sulphurous.

Sharon Cross 2014