Chasing the Sun

“Chasing the Sun”

limited edition of 49 copies

Unframed Size: 13” x 26” for $500; OR 15” x 30” for $800

Living in the country in the mountains means that days and even nights are spent cross-country skiing in the quiet beauty of nature and all She has to offer. Our favourite memories are of skiing in this particular area of the Rocky Mountains with “The Steeples” ever changing face in sight.

There was a herd of horses that would roam the hills and the first time they ever saw us skiing must have caused quite a commotion among them. The horses charged up the hill towards us, nostrils flaring hooves pounding, hear even with the muffling snow beneath them. The snow was light and powdery creating clouds of snow around the horses.

The horses appeared to us before we could determine what was making the clouds of snow rise beyond the hilltop. They circled us, checking us out, excitement in their eyes. Then, as quickly as they appeared, they turned and disappeared into the evening light.

Sharon Cross 2014