Picnic At Circular Pool

“Picnic At Circular Pool” 25’ x 37” $5,600.00 framed SOLD

A limited edition of 99 copies, hand signed and numbered. This painting was featured in International ARtist Magazine issue #24 (April/May 2002) in the article “Master Painters of the World: Canada Showcase”

Unframed Size: 14” x 18” for $400; OR 20” x 25” for $800

While hiking the outback of Western Australia’s Dale’s Gorge, we came upon this idyllic pool. The coolness of the gorge was a welcomed respite from the searing heat of the desert above. A young woman was laying on a rock at the base of the cliff, writing a letter to her parents. When her fiancee joined her, the two of them tenderly engaged. he had brought a picnic lunch for her. I was taken by the tenderness and beauty that this moment had presented. The lushness of the greenery against the red rock cliffs and their gentle presence drew me to doing this painting. Seeing them invoked feelings of what I am drawn to in terms of companionship, romance and beauty in nature.

Ironically, during our travels throughout Western Australia, our paths crossed with this couple four times, and we became friends along the way.

Sharon Cross 2014