Treasures At Turquoise Bay

“Treasures At Turquoise Bay”

A limited edition of 99 copies, hand signed and numbered. This painting won second place in an international Seascape competition and was featured in International Artist Magazine issue #19 (June/July 2001)

Unframed Size: 14” x 18” for $400; OR 20” x 26” for $800

My inspiration for doing this painting came from a trip to Western Australia with my wife. We were on this wonderful, remote beach located on the Indian Ocean near Exmouth. As we drank in the colours and beauty of the scenery, we felt very much at peace. What really stood out for me was the great joy we experienced while searching the wash for small treasures the waves had left on the beach. It reminded me that it is the simple, intimate things we do that are often the most cherished memories.

Sharon Cross 2014