Undaunted by creating larger paintings, Joseph has been commissioned over the years to produce murals for various groups/organizations, in different locations. The following images are examples of his work:

In 2020 Sumus Property Group held a community-wide design competition for a mural project on the rear wall of their Mission Thrift Store building in Cranbrook. ShyreCupples-Pinchak was the winning designer. Sumus hired Joseph to paint the mural with some alterations for scaling the design to fit the wall. The mural was completed in September 2020.

The Village of Canal Flats receivedfunding from the Columbia Basin Trust for the creation of a mural on the north side of the Discovery Centre. The Villagehired Joseph to develop an historical timeline depicting major events and persons. Joseph completed this 8’ x 23’mural in Canal Flats at the end of August.

The Dream Team of Steeples School in Cranbrook, B.C. Joseph worked with the students on a couple of murals of their combined creation.

“Imagine the Best.” In this mural Joseph painted the top images and Rae Hunt, one of the students painted the lower images of the mural.

“Arrr You Parked in a Safe Zone”

This was the first mural Joseph painted on Steeples School. It was created to be a large visual reminder for parked vehicles to be mindful of the appropriate parking area for picking up/dropping off children. The flintstone style people under the dinosaur’s foot was done by Rae Hunt, also of Steeples School.

“The Railway Centennial Mural” measures 25’ x 110’. It is located in downtown Cranbrook on the corner of Baker Street and 9th Avenue. It was created for the 100th anniversary of CP Rail, and in honour of our local railway heritage.

“The Steeples” as an 8’ x 40’ backdrop for College of the Rockies awards/presentations/special events. The hinged plywood creates a 3D affect. The Steeples are the most recognizable feature of this area in the Rocky Mountains that we have the privilege of viewing daily.

The College of the Rockies climbing wall was completed in two phases, after the first phase became so popular they had to expand the wall for the abundance of climbers. The wall measure 25’ x 100’.

“Valour Remembered” was a commissioned mural by the Cranbrook Royal Canadian Legion and painted on the backside of the Wall of Honour in Rotary Park in Cranbrook, BC. This wall measures 8’ x 56’.

“The Power of Vision” is a 10’ x 60’ mural painted in Keewatin at the time of the twinning of Keewatin with Kenora, and was created as the Town’s last act to commemorate the history of Keewatin.

College of the Rockies Lecture Theatre. This four panel mural was commissioned for a commemoration of 25 years of educational excellence in the East Kootenay region.

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