The NAIT (Northern Alberta Institute of Technology) Presidential Portraits. In 2008 Joseph was commissioned by NAIT to create portraits of the past Presidents. During the discussions about the portraits it was agreed that the portraits reflect the major contribution that each of these outstanding people made to the institute.

Jack Mitchell, the founding President, served NAIT from 1960-1962. He designed the first building so he is depicted with the blue prints on his desk and behind him. Portrait in oil, 36” x 24”.

George Carter, President of NAIT from 1971-1979. He took NAIT into the international arena, building strong educational relationships that stil stand today.Portrait in oil, 36” x 24”.

Dr. William Saunders was President from 1962-1971 and was responsbile for the rapid expansion of NAIT as it continued to grow. Portrait in oil, 36” x 24”.

Dr. Stanley Souch was President from 1979-1997. He led NAIT’s transition from being a department of the provincial government to a stand alone institution. Portrait in oil, 36” x 24”.

Dr. Sam Shaw was President from 1997 to 2010. Under his leadership, NAIT grew into the number one apprenticeship trainer in Canada with 156,000 alumni getting the job done in Alberta and around the world. Portrait in oil, 36” x 24”.

The Masich Family Portrait, 24” x 36”, in oil

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