What is a Giclee?

To look at a giclée one would be hard pressed to differentiate it from an original piece of art.  

Today,  giclée is the fastest growing segment of the art business.  The high quality of giclées, their faithfulness in reproducing originals,  and their attractive price point have created a new niche in the art marketplace.  Edition sizes have generally been kept small with giclées and the reduced number has made them an attractive purchase for the discerning buyer.

An added feature of the digital reproduction method is that due to the printing being done directly onto artists’ substrate of canvas and watercolour paper, the giclées can be hand enhanced by the artist to create a truly unique piece.  Gold leafing, brush stroke enhancing or ‘personalizing’ of the image adds to the value of the reproduction for both the artist and the consumer.

The rapid growth and use of non-approved industry equipment and products had lead to the establishment of the International Association of Fine Art Digital Printmakers.  They legitimatize and set standards for the growth and development of the fine art digital printmaking industry and have been accepted into the American Print Alliance, a consortium of printmaker councils in the USA and Canada.  The publishers (used by Joseph Cross) follow the recommendations of the IAFADP and is totally committed to full disclosure of their printing process by providing a certificate, signed by them.

The giclée process is based on output from a digital printer. The artist reviews and approves the proofs with any adjustments necessary.  Then the image is sized, and archived.

Joseph Cross’ images are mostly done on canvas over stretcher bars.  The giclée can, if desired, be retouched, adding a uniqueness to each piece.  The edition of the giclées are kept small (49 or 99) to maintain the integrity of the artwork and investment of the purchaser (unlike the lithographic prints that are common and are usually printed in editions of a thousand or more).  

Joseph Cross provides a certificate of authenticity indicating the number of the giclée and the size of the edition.

© Sharon Cross 2014